1.0mm Special Cork with PE Film

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- 1.0mm Special Cork with PE Film

- Main raw material : cork particle and PE film

- Features :

  • Reduces sound transmission from both the surface of a floor as well as through the floor to living spaces below
  • Protects the flooring from moisture arising from concrete
  • Water absorption : 0.0022 lb/ft3
  • It is thinner and with good resilience, provides firmness and comfortable underfoot
  • Use for WPC,PVC,laminate floors
  • Made from 100% new materials

Product Spec
Thickness 1.0mm
Density 250kg/m3
STC Rating 65 dB (ASTM)
IIC Rating 66 dB (ASTM)
Width 1.0m
Length 9.3m
Roll Weight 1.98kg
Roll size 100sq.ft