Wax Treatment

 Eco Tree/Dynamics Laminate Flooring make sure that all of the laminate flooring both 8.3mm and 12.3mm with wax treatment is able to be greatly anti-water, that is to say it has waterproof function. But, it doesn’t mean 100 % percent anti-water. It can not be laid into the water for very long time. But, if some water falls on the flooring, it is no problem. Compared to laminate flooring without wax treatment, it is better. If water falls on the flooring without wax treatment, the water will enter into the board quickly.But, the wax treatment flooring will greatly prevent the water from entering into the board.


What is the Waxing Water Resistant?

  Waxing means that the machine make the wax evenly coated on the click of laminate flooring.

 The main function is waterproof which stop the water into materials.

Benefit of Water Resistance  Waxing Product.

  The laminate flooring materials are HDF ( High Density Fireboard ). When the HDF meets water, The HDF will be expansion because the HDF can absorb the water.

So when we make the wax to coat on the click of laminate flooring. The wax can stop the water and the moisture in the air into the HDF effectively. But we must declare that the wax can't ensure 100% water proof. On the other hand, the wax can stop the formaldehyde of HDF to release in the air.

Comparison between the Waxing Product and Non.

  The Waxing Product. Hardly the water goes to core part.

 The Non Waxing Product. Slowly the water goes to core part.

 The water on the surface of laminate flooring.
The water can be kept on the Waxing Product surface (connected parts) for 10 to 12 hours.
If the user can't dry water in time. The materials will be swelled after the materials absorb the water.

Then the surface is easy to damage if the materials expanded.