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Eco Tree/Dynamics Laminate Flooring Warranty


25 Years Warranty Eco Tree/Dynamics Laminate Flooring Both & 12.3mm and 8.3mm


·        No Deterioration of the decorative layer

·        No fading of the color through sunlight

·        No permanent stains

·        No blisters and no inclusions on the surface

·        25 years warranty



 Conditions of The Warranty

 Eco Tree/Dynamics Laminate Flooring warranty is valid for the Eco Tree/Dynamic click both & 12.3mm and 8.3mm laminate flooring covering which have been laid in rooms where they were exposed to the normal wear for their recommended End Use Category to EN13329, but not in the event of unusual chemical or mechanical stress. The warranty applies from the date of the purchase on wards.


Compensation and Warranty

 All compensation under warranty will be strictly according to the value of the goods in question. EcoTree/Dynamics Laminate Flooring will compensate the total value of the defective goods. We pay the find according to the unit price that in the original invoice and the quantity of the defective goods.